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. impractical. is that unrealistic is not realistic while impractical is not practical; impracticable.

Impractical - not realistic.

im·prac·ti·cal. . .

. 1.


Unwise to implement or maintain in practice: Refloating the sunken ship proved impractical because of the great expense.

The meaning of IMPRACTICABLE is impassable. .

Examples of impractical in a sentence, how to use it. And while he’s on the road, the Staten Island native will make five New.

An instrument of mixed feelings.
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To the editor: NorthStar's notion of creating a park on the former site of the Vermont Yankee nuclear reactor is creative thinking.

un-1 + practical.

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. impractical. Define impractical.

(ɪmpræktɪkəl ) 1. . : incapable of dealing sensibly or prudently with practical matters. . . The correct.

Unpractical definition, not practical; impractical; lacking practical usefulness or wisdom.

The keytar tends to be loved or loathed. .

How to use impracticable in a sentence.

The meaning of UNPRACTICAL is not practical : impractical.


However, the reality is that the site is a high-level nuclear waste dump with millions of curies of waste sitting on the banks of the Connecticut River protected by a wooden fence.